Solar Cleaning

Needing to clean solar panels is similar to the need to clean and protect your vehicle, the difference is cleaning your solar panels actually saves you money by boosting efficiency. We clean your panels proudly using a THREE stage cleaning system including a combination carbon/sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and a deionization filter. This method allows us to clean your panels with 100% pure water without utilizing chemicals that could damage, deteriorate, and leave a residue causing lower efficiency and possible future problems. Residential prices start at $7.00 per panel depending on ease of access and the number of stories of house.


We offer FREE estimates on all solar cleaning jobs.

Residential Packages



This package maximizes power outputs. We will clean your panels three times per year. This is the best bang for you buck for exclusive solar cleaning. Allowing us to consistently keep an eye on your solar investment.

20% off total bill



We will clean your panels twice per year. This is a great package to improve your solar performance throughout the year. You don't want to leave your panels unchecked for a year at a time.

10% off total bill


Single Cleaning

This package includes a one time cleaning getting your panels back  to their peak performing state. This package was created for our new customers to give us a chance to prove ourselves to you.

Our Packages Include

Visual Inspection
Visual Inspection
  • Check inverter for error codes

  • Verify all solar panel glass is not cracked or broken

  • Make sure all roof fixing are still intact

  • Check for any damage to the framework of structure

Panel Cleaning
Panel Cleaning
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging
  • Use thermal imaging devices to find "hot spots" or "cold spots" in solar panels

  • We have the capability of using our drone to test 

  • Will report any faults found

Pest Inspection
Pest Inspection
  • We will clean your panels with pure water filtered through our three filter system

  • No chemicals or hard water allows for the best finish including no streaks or water spots

  • Constant research allows us to only use the top products to reassure you get the best cleaning on your investment

  • While visually inspecting your entire system we will verify birds, squirrels and other pest are not damaging your system or nesting

  • Pests can damage your system and or other items on your roof due to high acids in their dropping

  • Bird dropping left unattended can also cause health risks....


Ask us about our PLATINUM package

Commercial Packages

Due to how unique a commercial job can become we offer FREE estimates to create a price point and package that best fits each individual job. No job is too small or too big for us to handle! Give us the opportunity to help increase how much energy your panels will capture, getting them back to the same condition they were in the day after they were installed.