Solar Bird Proofing

Birds and critters can be a serious threat to your solar investment. These pests can also void any warranty to your system if appropriate action is not taken.


Some things any homeowner or business owner should take into account:

Squirrels and other rodents can chew through wires causing damage or fire hazards to your system

Pigeons and other birds will create nests under your solar panels, creating an undesirable condition for you as they drop their feces all over your property. Your surrounding neighbors won't appreciate the mess either

Leaves and other debris can get compiled under your system creating the possibility of roof damage or rot

Bird nests and dropping can harbor up to 60 diseases

If you have a pool or live/operate near any water source we highly suggest getting your panels equipped with a protective barrier. Your solar investment is suppose to last 20-25 years, let us help keep your property clean and efficient.

We only use the best products on your property!


Professionally installed: worry free guaranteed installation 

PVC coated mesh: long lasting and weather resistant

Specially designed clips: won't affect the integrity of your solar panels or penetrate the roof

Delays in implementing bird controls will only allow more birds the opportunity to nest. Birds nesting will attract other rodents. Bird feces carry diseases that could cause health risks. This will make removal and cleanup more difficult and expensive. This is why it is essential to get the barrier installed before it becomes an issue.


Bird barrier installation starts at $9.00 per linear foot. Elements that could raise the price are; Spanish tile roofing,  and bird/rodents feces and nesting removal. Feces and nesting clean up will be billed at $150.00+ per hour. We offer FREE estimates on all solar bird proofing jobs.